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The value of a workers compensation case is dependent upon a variety of factors and no attorney can give you a specific number without reviewing your file. The value of your case can depend on many factors (1) Future Medical Expenses: Did you sustain injuries that may result in future medical treatment? (2) The Value of Future Indemnity Benefits: Will you be placed out of work in the future as a result of medical treatment needed for your injury? (3) The Value of a Permanent Impairment Rating: This rating is used to assess the degree of damage that resulted from your injury. An independent doctor will determine the level of your impairment based on test specific to your injury.

While there is no formula to calculate exactly the value of a case, these three factors are critical in determining what your settlement offer may be. An attorney from our firm can provide you with a free consultation to review your file and give you legal opinion as to an approximate value for your claim. Remember, the insurance company will work to minimize the value of Vyour claim, and an attorney will work to increase the value of your claim. Therefore, it is critically important to obtain the services of an experienced attorney to maximize your recovery. Once a settlement offer is reached, all parties must sign settlement documents which are then submitted to the state board of workers compensation for approval. Once the state board of workers compensation approves your settlement, the insurance company has 20 days to mail the settlement check. Give us a call today for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case.

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