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While every personal injury claim is different, our law firm will make every effort to bring your case to a favorable resolution as soon as possible. Some cases require the filing of a lawsuit, which can lengthen the time period of your case. While we can make no guarantees, our law firm generally can bring a personal injury claim to a favorable resolution within one to two years, and in some cases as few as six months. Some cases require litigation in order to achieve the best possible result; however, many cases can attain a favorable resolution without the filing a lawsuit. An attorney can provide you with his legal recommendation for what best suits your needs after reviewing your case.

Every case will be prepared as if it will proceed to trial. This means our law firm will gather evidence to support your claims and present it to the insurance company in the best possible light. Prior to the filing of a lawsuit, our law firm will make every effort to achieve a favorable resolution through negotiations. However, if the insurance company is unwilling to make a reasonable offer the filing of a lawsuit may be the best option for your case. Prior to the filing of a lawsuit, the attorney will consult with the client, give his legal recommendation, and obtain the clients authorization to file suit.

If you are already involved in an open bodily injury claim and have questions or concerns, and have question or concerns on how to precede, the attorney at our law firm offer free in office consultations and will gladly review your claim.

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