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YES, an injured worker entitled to out-of-pocket expenses. Any out of pocket expenses that an injured worker incurs throughout the course of his workers comp claim may be submitted to the insurance adjuster for reimbursement. These expenses include but not limited to, mileage to and from medical appointments, prescription medicine refills, and costs of an in home care provider or nurse. Please keep in mind that any such reimbursement request must be submitted within 1 year of the date of when the expense is incurred. It is critical that you keep and maintain all documentary evidence and receipts of said expenses.

One of the more common reimbursement request is for an injured workers mileage, in order to properly submit a mileage reimbursement request, the injured worker must maintain a travel log showing the dates of all medical appointment, the distance traveled to said medical appointments, and the names of the medical providers. Your attorney can assist you in completing your travel log and your attorney can submit the log to the insurance adjuster for payment. However, if you are already receiving transportation services provided by the workers’ compensation insurer, then there is no need to maintain a travel log.

If you are not fluent in English, or if English is not your native language, you are entitled to request the services of an interpreter at your medical appointment. Notify your attorney if you would like the services of an interpreter and he will arrange for the insurer to provide you with interpretation.

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