NO. Insurance companies frequently attempt to demise the value of a plaintiff’s claim by communicating with the plaintiff before he obtains a legal representative. It is almost always bad to communicate with the insurance company without the assistance of an attorney. An insurance adjuster may ask you to give a recorded statement. The insurance company cannot force you to do a telephone interview or “recorded statement.” The ONLY reason they want to do this is to damage your claim. Do not agree to this, and immediately call our office for legal representation in your claim. We will insulate you from the insurance company.

Insurance companies also frequently to attempt to settle claims directly with an unrepresented plaintiff. This also is inadvisable. I have never seen an insurance company offer a fair settlement amount to an unrepresented party. If you are being pressured to settle by the insurance company, it is critical that you call us for a legal evaluation of your claim. Obtaining an attorney can mean a substantially higher settlement that the insurance company would not offer otherwise.

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