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An IME is an independent medical examination. This is typically performed by an independent doctor who is not your treating physician. The insurance company has the right to schedule an IME for you for the purposes of determining a second opinion as to the severity of your injuries. Likewise, your attorney has the right to schedule an IME for you with a doctor of his choosing. This is important because, while an insurance company frequently will choose a defense-oriented doctor, your attorney can select a more favorable doctor for your claim. An injured worker is required to bring with him any and all films or studies that have been performed on him regarding his injury. This includes; MRIs, x-rays, CT scans, or any other testing which has been performed. The IME physician will ordinarily opine as to work restrictions, future treatment recommendations, and a permanent impairment rating. An injured worker who has a compensable workers’ compensation claim is entitled to one IME by a doctor of his choosing paid for by the insurance company. Therefore, it is crucial that the injured worker obtain the services of an experienced workers compensation attorney in order to properly select his IME physician. Please contact our office if you have an open workers’ compensation case and have any questions about your IME.

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