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Every case is different, and no attorney can give you a specific number without first reviewing your file. The value of your case depends on many factors.

(1) MEDICAL DAMAGES: Did you sustain broken bones, scarring, herniated discs, or other physical or emotional injuries? You are entitled to compensation for your bodily injuries, and you are also entitled to compensation for all medical costs related to treatment for your injuries. The more significant your injuries are and the higher your medical expenses are, the more valuable your damages claim is.

(2) LOST WAGES: Have you missed time from work? If so, our law firm can calculate the value of your lost wages claim and demand compensation for all time missed from work due to your accident.

(3) PAIN AND SUFFERING: When someone sustains physical or emotional injury, they are entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering deriving there from. While there is no exact method to calculate the value of someone’s pain and suffering, the more significant ones injuries, the more valuable their pain and suffering claim is.

Our law firm, as a part of its investigation of your claim, will determine all the insurance coverage available for your recovery. Keep in mind that UM insurance can supplement the available insurance coverage for your recovery in addition to the liability insurance of the at-fault party.

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