FMSCA Violations That Cause Truck Accidents

Some trucking companies take shortcuts when performing maintenance tasks, loading cargo, managing truck drivers, and engage in other negligent behavior that puts other drivers at undue risk. The result too often is an accident that causes serious injuries and extensive losses. If the trucking company was in violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules, it can be liable for the accident. FMCSA violations may include:

  • Hours-of-service violations
  • Failure to follow maintenance requirements
  • Failure to inspect the truck as required by FMCSA rules
  • Not adhering to loading requirements
  • And more
How Truck Driver Fatigue Causes Accidents

To prevent fatigue-related truck accidents , the FMCSA requires all drivers to keep logbooks or use electronic onboard recorders to ensure they comply with hours-of-service laws. Drivers are generally limited to 11 driving hours after 10 hours off duty, for example, as well as other requirements and restrictions.

Sadly, some drivers do not follow these rules so that they can stay on the road longer. This leads to driver fatigue, making them ineffective operators of such massive vehicles. Unfortunately, this increases the accident risk of everybody in their vicinity.

If fatigue caused a wreck, we work to uncover these violations through various means:

Examining toll road records, which can provide evidence of a driver’s location
Checking trucks’ GPS devices to show when a truck was moving and when it was parked

Other FMCSA Violations and What They Mean after a Trucking Accident

In addition to regulating a driver’s hours of service, the FMCSA sets other regulations that drivers and companies must follow. These include:

Regular as well as roadside inspections of the truck and its cargo.
Retention of certain records, including maintenance and inspection reports, for specified periods of time.
Periodic alcohol and drug testing at various points of a truck driver’s employment, including after an accident.
And more
When we investigate your truck accident case, we will look at whether the trucking company or driver was in violation of these or other regulations. If so, we will then evaluate whether the violation caused or contributed to your accident. If we find that it did, we will collect and present evidence to establish negligence and liability of the appropriate party.

How can I get legal help after a truck accident in Georgia?

Evaluating an accident for FMSCA violations is a time-consuming and difficult process. Make sure you secure the help you need to investigate your accident and build a case that demonstrates your entitlement to compensation.

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