People who were in a serious accident usually have a great deal of uncertainty, anguish, and even fear. They have medical bills that do not stop piling up. They are out of work and unsure how they will pay the bills. They have tremendous pain and suffering that makes every aspect of life more difficult.

These are the people we help at the Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC

We help the mother who cannot go back to work after a severe car accident and who needs to provide for her children. We help the couple dealing with mounting medical bills after one of them suffered a serious neck injury in a slip and fall accident. We help the family who has lost a loved one in an accident and needs to secure the children’s futures.

We do this because we are part of the Georgia community and see it as our purpose to help our injured neighbors and their families put their lives back together after a serious accident.

  • Automobile accidents

    Including truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and more.

  • Public and private mass transit accidents

    Including bus and train accidents.

  • Wrongful death cases

    After fatal accidents

  • Workplace injuries

    Including workers’ compensation and third-party liability claims.

We Protect What Is Most Important To You

We understand what is important to our clients because we get to know them from the start during a free consultation. We learn what is most important to them – career, family, finances, etc.

When you hire the Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC, we make sure that your priorities come first, whether that means scheduling appointments after-hours or making sure your family is taken care of while you recover.

You have nothing to lose by calling us at 770-951-8900 or filling out our contact form to schedule a free consultation. Come meet with our team and learn exactly how we can help you after a serious personal injury.