Recently involved in an auto accident?

Are you having difficulty dealing with the insurance company? If so, call The Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC for a free legal consultation.

Don't fight the insurance company by yourself.

They are experts in obtaining confidential information from an injured party who is unrepresented by counsel which can damage his or her case.

Insurance companies frequently employ a pre-existing injury defense.

The law protects even those with pre-existing injuries who have sustained an aggravation of an injury. The at-fault party who caused your injury to have worsened is legally responsible for the extent of the aggravation.

Repetitive use injuries are common in the workplace

These claims are every bit as valid as a worker who falls off a ladder and fractures a vertebrae in his back. If you have a repetitive use/gradual onset injury, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

The Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC

The Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC strives to provide outstanding legal representation, and, for this reason, we offer free legal consultations for all new clients. Allow us to assist you, and we are confident you will be satisfied with the results.

Remember: We do not charge any upfront fees. The consultation is free, and we will only charge attorney fees if we win your case.

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The Law Offices of John Morrison, LLC

After you have suffered an injury, it is critical that you act quickly.

1 Get medical attention immediately. Do not allow time to pass before you see a physician.

2Call our office for a free legal consultation. We can explain the process of dealing with the insurance company, as well as the benefits you can receive.
3 Allow us to communicate with the insurance company for you. Do not respond to their phone calls or letters. This can only prejudice your claim down the road.

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